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Lawn Care Tips for 2024

Green backyard

Are you ready to make your neighbors green with envy in 2024?   If so, you’ve come to the right place.   Keeping your lawn looking its best needn’t be a puzzle. With a few expert tips and a sprinkle of love, your grass can be the talk of the town.   How often to fertilize  One of […]

Are Bugs Worse in Spring or Summer? Your Seasonal Guide to Bug Control

Mosquito on kids skin. Little boy attacked by mosquitoes in tropical forest.

As the seasons change, so do the challenges we face in keeping our lawns and outdoor spaces enjoyable and pest-free.   If you’ve ever wondered whether bugs are worse in spring or summer, you’re not alone. It’s a common question. And the answer isn’t so simple.  But we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Seasonal […]

Welcome Spring with a Bug-Free Lawn!

As the snow melts and the first green shoots of spring appear, so do various spring bugs, ready to make their presence felt in your lawn and garden.   While spring is a time for growth and renewal, it’s also when many pests come out of hiding, possibly wreaking havoc in your outdoor spaces. But don’t […]

Understanding the Cost of Lawn Care in WNY

Have you ever gazed out over your yard and wondered, “How much does lawn care cost to get this space looking like the lawns in those home magazines?”   You’re not alone.   Many homeowners in Western New York contemplate the price of keeping their grass green and their gardens blooming. It’s like wanting a superhero for […]

How Often Should You Take Care of Your Lawn in WNY?

If you’re from Western New York, as we are, you know our lawns can be as unpredictable as our weather.   You might be wondering how often to cut the grass and whether mowing a lawn helps it grow better.  Great questions!  We all want a lawn that’s lush and green. But, because we’re so busy, […]

The Grass Is Greener with the Right Aeration

Ever wonder why your neighbor’s lawn looks like a golf course?   It might be because she’s discovered lawn care’s secret sauce, liquid aeration.   Used in conjunction with core aeration, which we recommend be done every three years, liquid aeration every spring greatly improves a lawn’s health and looks, leaving it as velvety-lush and inviting as […]

Preparing Your Lawn for Winter: A Step-by-Step Guide

The leaves have turned. The air has cooled. Winter is on the way.   Now’s the time to prepare your grass for the cold months ahead if you want a lush, healthy yard come spring.   So, what should you do?  Give your grass a good meal. Use winter lawn fertilizer.  Just like bears need to eat […]