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Liquid Aeration

Our Liquid Aeration Service effectively loosens compacted soil and eliminates thatch, enabling grass roots to better absorb nutrients and fostering a healthy turf by introducing essential soil microbes. This yearly application is gentler on your lawn compared to core aeration, which is typically recommended every three years or so, ensuring consistent vitality and longevity for your lawn.

About this service

Liquid Aeration

At Seasonal Lawncare we use liquid aeration instead of core aeration. Core aeration can disturb electric dog fences or other buried utilities not to mention make your lawn look like it was stampeded across by a herd of cattle. With a liquid spray, we can achieve the same results without destroying roots or pulling plugs out of your grass. Over time soil gets compacted from traffic and thatch buildup. Compacted soil won’t be able to absorb water, nutrients, or any of our lawn care products, causing your grass to brown up and die. By using liquid aeration, we can loosen up the compacted soil without having to litter your lawn with plugs of soil. Our liquid aeration service will loosen up the soil; allowing air, nutrients, and fertilizer to be absorbed into the roots. Your healthy and well-nourished roots will foster new growth and give your grass the chance to unleash its full potential.

Signs Your Yard Needs to be Aerated

Pooling Water: Thatch buildup and soil compaction can prevent water from being absorbed into the ground causing runoff. This will result in your lawn losing precious nutrients. If you see standing pools of water after a rainstorm or after you water your lawn then this may be a sign you need to aerate.

Spongy Grass: The layers of grass clippings, leaves, and other organic matter that build up under your grass is called thatch and can give your turf a spongy feeling when you walk on it. A thick layer of thatch can prevent water absorption and prevent fertilizers from being effective. It is also an excellent home for pests.

Compacted Soil: The combination of foot traffic and thatch buildup deprives the soil of water. This causes the soil to get hard and compacted. This deprives the roots of water, oxygen, and prevents their roots from growing.

When Should I Aerate

In Buffalo and the rest of New York, it is recommended to aerate your yard at least every two years and is best done during the fall. By keeping up on aerating your lawn you will see a vast difference in the quality of your lawn.

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Here are some answers to the questions we hear the most.

You will begin to notice some cupping and curling of the weeds within two to three days. It will take approximately four weeks for your weeds to disappear completely.

All fertilizers will need to be watered. It’s also helpful to water after an application of insect control as this will water it into the thatch and root zone where insects like to call home. Pre-emergent crabgrass control works best when watered in. Liquid weed controls, once dried, should be fine. Once a liquid application is dry, the weed control has entered the weed and has already begun to take effect. Remember, our treatment programs are guaranteed to work so, if you should ever have a concern, please contact our office.

Waiting 24-48 hours before mowing will give you the best results.

Returning clippings evenly to the lawn (no heavy clumping) returns valuable nutrients to the lawn.

It is recommended that people and pets stay off the lawn until the treatment is dryDepending on weather could be as soon as an hour. NYS would prefer you limit your activity for 24 hours.

Seasonal Lawncare’s products are safer than many household cleaners, offering a cost-effective alternative to DIY methods. Once dry, pets can safely resume normal activities, providing peace of mind.

No. The technician will leave an invoice along with any important information and/or instructions regarding your treatment, such as watering, mowing, observations and concerns.

Payment is due upon receipt of the treatment and invoice (unless you prepaid at the beginning of the season). You have 30 days to pay to avoid scheduling delays. After 30 days a minimum late charge of $12 will be added to your account.

Absolutely! Our treatment programs come with guaranteed results. If you ever have a concern, a Seasonal Lawncare manager is available to address the concern at no charge – typically 24 to 48 hours after receiving the call.

With a fertilizer or insect treatment, seeding can be done immediately. Pre- and post-emergent weed treatments will restrict seeding for 3 to 12 weeks, according to label instructions.

Yes, we do! Our organic program has the same timing as our non-organic program. We use the highest-quality organic-based fertilizer (please note that organic fertilizers do not kill weeds). Organic applications are applied in liquid and granular form at the same price as our non-organic programs. Please contact us for more information.

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