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Preparing Your Lawn for Winter: A Step-by-Step Guide

snowy grass

The leaves have turned. The air has cooled. Winter is on the way.  

Now’s the time to prepare your grass for the cold months ahead if you want a lush, healthy yard come spring.  

So, what should you do? 

Give your grass a good meal. Use winter lawn fertilizer. 

Just like bears need to eat a lot before they hibernate, your lawn needs a satisfying meal before it goes to sleep for the winter.  

That’s where winter lawn fertilizer comes in.  

Such fertilizer is specially made to help grass roots grow deep and store nutrients so they can survive the cold and snow. It fortifies your lawn, enabling it to bounce back when warm weather returns. 

The basics of fall lawn care 

Those colorful falling leaves might look pretty, but they’re not great for your grass.  

A thick layer of leaves can smother your lawn and create a wet blanket that invites all sorts of creepy crawlies and diseases.  

Plus, it can block out the sunlight and air your grass needs to stay healthy.  

So, grab a rake or a leaf blower and make sure to clear those leaves away regularly. 

Do right by your yard with fall lawn treatment 

Think of fall lawn treatment as a spa day for your yard. Be sure to 

  • aerate your lawn by making little holes in the soil so air, water, and nutrients can get down to the roots; 
  • overseed to fill in bald spots in your lawn, keep your lawn thick, and stop weeds from moving in; and 
  • Water your lawn—because your grass gets thirsty even during cool weather. 

Real-life lawn love 

Still not convinced of the need for fall lawn care?  

Consider my neighbor John’s experience.  

Last year, John skipped fall lawn treatment, thinking the cold season wouldn’t be too harsh. By spring, however, his lawn was patchy and weedy and needed a lot of hard work. 

Could John have saved himself time, effort, and money by doing a little fall lawn care? 

You bet! 

A clean cut before the cold 

Before you put your mower away for the winter, give your lawn one last trim. But don’t cut it too short; grass that’s a little over two inches tall is perfect; that length helps it stay healthy and fight off the effects of chilly weather.  

Seasonal Lawn Care is here for you 

At Seasonal Lawn Care, we know every blade of grass on your lawn has its own little wish to be the best it can be. 

We can help it be just that. 

We’re right here in Western New York, ready to help you prepare your lawn for winter. Whether you need the perfect winter lawn fertilizer, a complete fall lawn treatment, or some expert advice, we’ve got you covered. Give Seasonal Lawn Care a call, at 716-675-4000, or leave us a message using the form on our website 

So, contact Seasonal Lawn Care today, at 716-675-4000, and let us take the rake out of your hands and put peace of mind into your season.  

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