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The Grass Is Greener with the Right Aeration

Ever wonder why your neighbor’s lawn looks like a golf course?  

It might be because she’s discovered lawn care’s secret sauce, liquid aeration.  

Used in conjunction with core aeration, which we recommend be done every three years, liquid aeration every spring greatly improves a lawn’s health and looks, leaving it as velvety-lush and inviting as deep-pile carpet.  

Both methods of aeration loosen soil compacted by kids at play, foot traffic, building projects, repeated mowing, pet activity, and rain, improving drainage. They also break up the thick layer of thatch—dead leaves, stems, and other organic detritus—that builds up on such soil. The result is a better-oxygenated and -drained lawn that can be more deeply penetrated by water and fertilizer. 

Core or liquid aeration? 

If you’re wondering whether to go with core or liquid aeration, the answer is simple:  

For the best results, use both.  

Core and liquid aeration complement each other because they accomplish different things at different intervals. 

Core aeration is done with a machine that punches holes in the soil, maximizing the benefits of irrigation for your grass. This method of lawn aeration 

  • yields quicker results; 
  • results in lusher grass; 
  • reduces erosion and disease; 
  • reduces thatch buildup; 
  • heightens drought tolerance; 
  • saves water and controls weeds; 
  • lessens the need for fertilizer; 
  • invites beneficial organisms such as earthworms, soil insects, and aerobic bacteria; and 
  • winterizes a lawn, preparing it for spring success.

Liquid aeration is done with a special solution sprayed evenly over the entire lawn. Among other ingredients, our solution contains natural bio-stimulants. This method of lawn aeration dddd

  • is easier; 
  • softens soil more deeply; 
  • lasts longer because it builds up over time; 
  • doesn’t dig up your lawn, freckling it with soil plugs; 
  • leaves your lawn usable soon after treatment; and 
  • yields impressive and lasting long-term results. 

Because liquid aeration is done every spring and core aeration every three years, the former can be thought of as the foundation of a good lawn care program; everything else, though necessary, builds on it. 

Why liquid aeration is a game-changer 

One Seasonal Lawn Care customer who chose liquid aeration is Sarah. 


With the liquid-aeration method, Sarah’s lawn didn’t end up with unsightly plugs or unevenness; the process was quick and clean, and her grass was immediately ready to be used and enjoyed.  

Sarah and her kids and dog all loved the results: a lush, dense lawn that was the envy of the neighborhood! 

Seasonal Lawn Care is your liquid-aeration specialist 

Intrigued but not sure where to start?  

Why struggle with the guesswork of lawn aeration when Seasonal Lawn Care can do it for you? Our expert team is well-versed in the liquid-aeration process and can ensure your lawn gets maximum benefit with minimal disruption. 

Give Seasonal Lawn Care a call, at 716-675-4000, or leave us a message using the form on our website. Your lush, vibrant lawn is just a liquid-aeration treatment away! 

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